Healing Hidden Hurts is a Christ-centered, compassionate and FREE confidential ministry leading those who have been affected by an abortion to reconciliation, restoration and peace of mind and heart.

  • When you feel alone...
  • ...and ashamed.
  • We are already praying for you.
  • Please come by and we will help you...
  • We will listen to your story and provide counseling for you...
  • ...and pray for your healing.
  • Because God loves you...
  • And with Him, all things are possible!

Parish Visit Testimonials

Since I began speaking in parishes, I have asked for feedback from the pews. Here are only a sampling of the comments I receive, but they represent the general response in parishes.

What was the overall message conveyed in the presentation?

Patricia Linder: “Jesus welcomes everyone back. Although someone makes a choice to have an abortion; there are ramifications that occur they may not be prepared for or expect. There is support available to everyone.”

Joseph Kalil Sr: “God has more forgiveness and mercy than we have the ability to use.”

Donna Randolf: “…this ministry helps women struggling with abortions and can provide a form of personal healing. Also, everyone in the community can take part in this ministry.”

How do you feel the congregation received the information?

Charlotte Gilliam: “I heard lots of positive comments and everyone seemed very attentive during the presentation.”

Mary Harty: “It was very still in the entire church. I think the message was good and received well.”

What could be improved?

Christine: “I can’t think of anything here. It must be challenging to convey a story like yours and the purpose of your mission in just 5 - 10 minutes. I feel you did that.”

Illegible signature: “Not much, it was organized and prepared very nicely. Eye contact was made with the congregation.”

What gave it strength?

Kathryn Jenkins: “Debbie was so honest and forthright … Her story was very moving, sincere and emotional. My 15 year old granddaughter was so very moved by the testimony.”

Libby Thomas: “Your personal testimony and Scripture to back it up.”

Mary Harty: “The presentation – the way you delivered it – you spoke from the heart and didn’t read to us. Thank You.”

Personal observation of interest…

Leon Kraus: “That a person will carry this wound the rest of their life unless they receive healing from the Lord.”

Anonymous: “I needed to hear Debbie say confession (sincerely) does take away the sin but it doesn’t take away the pain.”

Pat Koors: “Very moved. We have never had anyone ever before get up in St. Mary’s to tell this story. It was time.”

Young people are motivated to become pro-active among their peers.
Parishioners become aware of the need to balance the pro-life message, remembering Christ came to seek and save the lost by dying on the cross.