Healing Hidden Hurts is a Christ-centered, compassionate and FREE confidential ministry leading those who have been affected by an abortion to reconciliation, restoration and peace of mind and heart.

  • When you feel alone...
  • ...and ashamed.
  • We are already praying for you.
  • Please come by and we will help you...
  • We will listen to your story and provide counseling for you...
  • ...and pray for your healing.
  • Because God loves you...
  • And with Him, all things are possible!

Pastor's Feedback

Rev. Andrew Dudzinski pastor of St. Patrick, Kokomo
“I want to thank you for sharing your ministry with us here at St. Patrick. What you are doing is so very important and I know that you have deeply touched many hearts. Please be assured of my prayer for you as you keep
moving forward in your ministry.”

Rev. Paul Landwerlen pastor of St. Vincent dePaul, Shelbyville
“Debbie Miller has given her witness at St. Vincent DePaul with much conviction and great enthusiasm. At one of the Masses she was warmly applauded for her message. And at the other two Masses she was also well received. I do not know of any congregation that should not hear her or would be offended at her message. She has a wonderful witness and I feel it touches the hearts of her listeners.”

Rev. Pat Doyle pastor of Nativity, Indianapolis
“Debbie’s Miller’s presentation on her ministry program, Healing Hidden Hurts, inspires and challenges people to affirm their pro-life position. Our parishioners were grateful for the opportunity to learn about and to support a ministry that compassionately and effectively responds to the trauma that people experience as a result of abortions.”

Rev. Ted Dudzinski pastor of St. Joan of Arc, Kokomo, Indiana
“It was such a blessing for Debbie to witness to our parishioners at St. Joan of Arc how the decision to have an abortion has affected her. She related in her talk how devastating and life lasting this decision has been for her and how cold her heart had grown in order to mask her feelings of sorrow. Through her talk she helped others identify symptoms that indicate that healing of the heart has not taken place and that only through the healing powers of Jesus and His Church is it possible to feel whole again. She gives others hope that they can find joy and fullness in their life once again. Debbie also conveys that abortion should never be the solution to “fix the problem” for an unplanned pregnancy and that there are so many more life-giving options.”

Rev. Vince Lampert pastor of Ss. Francis and Clare, Greenwood
“It was a blessing to have Debbie Miller come to Ss. Francis and Clare to share her message of mercy and healing for those who have been hurt by abortion. Parish calendars always fill up very quickly and there is often a desire not to want to add anything else to an already busy Mass time schedule. However, Debbie was succinct in her message and conveyed some important information that is best delivered by one who personally knows the pain and anguish of abortion. I would encourage all parish leaders to consider inviting Debbie to come and speak on this
very important topic. With the likelihood that abortion may become even more widespread after our recent presidential election her message is needed now more than ever.”

Rev. Jim Wilmoth pastor of St. Roch, Indianapolis
“…It was a wonderful experience for our Parishioners to hear from Debbie and to come to an understanding of her ministry. I am very happy that we had the opportunity to have her visit our parish and to speak at our Masses. I can very highly recommend Debbie and her ministry. She is doing a wonderful service.”