Healing Hidden Hurts is a Christ-centered, compassionate and FREE confidential ministry leading those who have been affected by an abortion to reconciliation, restoration and peace of mind and heart.

  • When you feel alone...
  • ...and ashamed.
  • We are already praying for you.
  • Please come by and we will help you...
  • We will listen to your story and provide counseling for you...
  • ...and pray for your healing.
  • Because God loves you...
  • And with Him, all things are possible!

Lisa was in high school...

Flora was in college...

Debbie was married...


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Healing Hidden Hurts (HHH) is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations to HHH are tax deductible.

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Our 10 Step Program to Healing

If you are experiencing

  • Panic attacks / Anxiety
  • Sadness & Feelings of loss 
  • Nightmares
  • Severe emotional pain 
  • Acting (or reacting) inappropriately
    in situations and you have no idea how
    to fix it

We will help you

  • A free, confidential program
  • One-to-one sessions in a
    comfortable setting
  • Friendly and expert help
  • A step by step process to reach
    reconciliation and spiritual healing

So you can

  • Transform your suffering into love
    for your child who is with God
  • Heal from the wound in your heart
    and accept God's forgiveness & love
  • Mend broken relationships
  • Restore your self-esteem & dignity