Healing Hidden Hurts is a Christ-centered, compassionate and FREE confidential ministry leading those who have been affected by an abortion to reconciliation, restoration and peace of mind and heart.

  • When you feel alone...
  • ...and ashamed.
  • We are already praying for you.
  • Please come by and we will help you...
  • We will listen to your story and provide counseling for you...
  • ...and pray for your healing.
  • Because God loves you...
  • And with Him, all things are possible!

How it began... and how you can help

Healing Hidden Hurts began in 1999 after many years of prayer and discernment. I guess I began the ministry because of my own abortion many years earlier.

For approximately 10 years after my abortion, I suffered in silence, not realizing that the abortion was the cause of my pain. When I reached a point where I had impulses to commit suicide, I remembered God, and when I called for help He came immediately.

A few years later, I attended a Christ Renews His Parish weekend for women, and it changed my life. In the years following my reversion to the faith, I felt the need to help protect women and unborn babies from abortion because I knew how they would be hurt.

When I went to the abortion facility to pray, I would see the women going in and would feel overcome with a great sadness because I knew their lives would never be the same. They had no idea what they were getting themselves into, and how much they would regret this choice one day. I wanted to tell them that abortion is a decision they will have to live with for the rest of their lives.

After a period of time, the Lord made it clear that He was calling me into post-abortion reconciliation ministry. My own abortion and recovery experience would offer hope to others since I could understand their pain and knew the mercy of Christ Jesus.

Since I began doing ministry, I have discovered that abortion recovery is really a life-long process. That is why the message must reach women that abortion is a life-changing, traumatic event.

Each day, four thousand women a day fall for the lie that our society promotes—that abortion is an option for birth control and that it is a safe, simple procedure with little or no negative effects afterward.

Women are often so hurt, broken and devastated after abortion that they cannot speak about their experience for many years.

Unfortunately, many women do not recognize that the negative symptoms that plague their daily lives are consequences of abortion. Symptoms of deep sadness, exploding anger, crying for no reason, emotional numbing, broken relationships and the intense emotional pain that follows abortion must be addressed in order to forgive themselves and with God’s grace receive healing and peace

How can you help? Share the truth that abortion hurts women and men. Then join us to plant seeds of mercy and pick up the pieces for those who did not hear the message that abortion is a tragic choice for the mother, the father and, most of all, the baby.